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U.S. Bankruptcy Courts Basics


U.S. Trustee Program-administrators of bankruptcy law


"Means Test" form for Chapter 7 filings (B22A)


"Means Test" form for Chapter 13 filings (B22C)


Approved U.S. Trustee Credit Counseling Agencies List


Approved U.S. Trustee Debtor Education Providers List


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Major Credit Reporting Agencies
  1. Equifax Credit Report Agency
  2. Experian Credit Report Agency
  3. Transunion Credit Report Agency


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Better Business Bureau,


Federal Trade Commission for Consumers


Federal Trade Commission Credit Repair Info


Federal Trade Commission ID Theft Affidavit Filing


Identity Theft, Federal Trade Commission


Identity Theft Tool Kit 


Online Consumer Problems


Consumer Problems


Consumer Sentinel: facts, trends, and tips about consumer fraud


National Do Not Call Registry violations
Mary Bower Sheats
Mary Bower Sheats
Practicing in: Bankruptcy, Debt and Consumer Law
Location: Downtown
Temporary Total Disability
A continuation of wages offered by the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation for employees unable to work following a worker’s compensation claim. Employees who accept this plan will receive between 72-66 percent of their wages while off work. They typically have no employer health benefit coverage under this temporary disability plan (especially problematic if workers without benefits are diagnosed with something unrelated to their workplace which is serious and expensive like cancer).

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